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Adoption | A Mother’s Act of Love

Adoption | A Mother’s Act of Love

Cedar Point

Later…his mother brought him back to Pharaoh’s daughter, who adopted him as her own son. Exodus 2:10

She took her time packing his things. The toy calf his brother had carved for him. His favorite blanket. She gripped it tightly as a tear fell. She couldn’t stall any longer, couldn’t let him see her cry. The only reason she still had her boy was because of the princess. If anyone else had found the baby that day… She remembered the screams as her friends and neighbors watched their babies slaughtered. She should be thankful. She WAS thankful. But the secret hope in her heart wouldn’t go away. She’d believed Yahweh had special plans for this son, but maybe she’d been wrong. He was alive, yes, but he’d grow up Egyptian, not Hebrew. He’d have a good life, but would he forget his own people? But who’d remember that Egyptian name—Moses?


Every day, dozens of mothers relinquish their babies to the care of another. Some do so out of selfishness, but most do so out of love. A child taken from a birth mother and placed in the arms of another still has the call of God upon his or her life. God’s plan does not end where ours does. We’re not powerful enough to thwart His plans. Adoption may be the avenue He uses to accomplish them. He places people and situations strategically in our lives to bring us to the place He wants us. We can reject Him, but when we allow Him to work in our lives, He uses even painful mistakes for our good. Moses’ Hebrew mother was no less important than his Egyptian one in God’s plan to rescue a nation. God’s plans will always prevail. Read Isaiah 46:9-11.


Final Thought: Who has God used in your life to bring you to Him?


Prayer: Father, you’ve used so many people in my life to bring me to this place. Some experiences were good, some painful.

I can’t always make sense of them, but you can. I surrender it all to you and trust you to bring about your purposes. Amen.