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Adoption | The Lord Will Hold Me

Adoption | The Lord Will Hold Me

Cedar Point

Even if my father and mother abandon me, the LORD will hold me close. Psalm 27:10


We all have different stories. Sometimes parts of those stories are secret and painful. Maybe Adoption Sunday means something different to you. Maybe you WERE that child who needed someone. You sit quietly as others talk about their wonderful adoption stories and try not to be bitter because you had a different experience. Maybe you would have loved to have been adopted because your own home situation brought shame and hurt, or maybe you were involved with an adoption that turned out nothing like you’d dreamed it would. Maybe all you ever wanted was a real home, a real mom or a real dad and you never got it. Now the word “adoption” has an edge to it for you and hearing about God adopting us is confusing.


God knows that parents will not always do the job He sent them to do. Because of their own brokenness, they may not parent their children the way those children need. But God wants us to know that nobody has to be an orphan. He offers to be that Father they never had; He wrote a love letter to His kids filled with descriptions of His kindness, patience, discipline, and delight when we turn from our sin and toward Him (Luke 15:10). God created a family called the Church so that no one has to go through life alone, and He promises that all His kids will be with Him forever. He’s a Father who doesn’t walk out when things get tough. He doesn’t lose His temper, harm us, or kick us out of the family for messing up. And His door is always open, waiting for the prodigal to come to his senses and come home. If that describes you, your Father has left the light on for you.


Final Thought:  Are you living like an orphan? You don’t have to. The One who created you is waiting for you to come home.

Prayer: Father, thank you that I don’t have to live as an orphan. No matter what my childhood experiences taught me, you tell me I am deeply loved, wanted, and invited into your presence. Because of Jesus, my identity is now child of the King. Amen.