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Alone? | What You Give | Confrontation

Alone? | What You Give | Confrontation

But when Peter came to Antioch, I had to oppose him to his face, for what he did was wrong. Galatians 2:11


Peter’s face was red as he struggled to bite back the angry words. Paul had pinned him to the wall with that glare of his and the others stood speechless. They’d never seen these important men disagree like this. It was a bit unsettling. They loved Peter, but were glad Paul was setting him straight. Even Peter, beloved Peter, had slipped in his doctrine and was being influenced by outsiders who were adding their own ideas to the gospel. He was so passionate about influencing those people that he never realized when they had begun influencing him. Paul had to put a stop to it. These two men had labored side by side in service to Jesus and they loved one another like brothers. So Paul demonstrated love by confronting Peter’s error.


Confrontation is unpleasant and most of us avoid it whenever we can. But sometimes avoidance is selfish. We don’t confront sin when we need to for fear of offending. They might be mad. Might think we’re hateful, judgmental, or prideful. But when a Christian brother or sister nosedives into sin, error, or apathy, a real friend goes after them. Loving confrontation sets aside its own feelings for the good of the other. It is never mean-spirited, judgmental, or unkind. But it is difficult. Shining truth’s bright light on worldly darkness can be jarring for everyone, but it’s what Jesus said to do (Luke 17:3). Godly confrontation offers restoration, not rejection. It corrects rather than condemns. It can be awkward and painful, but sometimes it’s necessary.


Final Thought:  Are you willing to confront a brother or sister who is headed toward sin, error, or apathy?


Prayer: Father, I avoid confrontation. I hate it, but I know that’s cowardly. I want to develop the kind of love that puts someone else’s interest ahead of my own. May I know your word enough to confront my friends when they stray away from it.  Amen.