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Alone? | What You Give | Wavering Faith

Alone? | What You Give | Wavering Faith

And you must show mercy to those whose faith is wavering.  Jude 1:22  


Jeannie waited as the other life group members said their goodbyes to the hosts. “I loved our discussion tonight,” Liza gushed. “The faith chapter is my favorite!” Dan closed the door and turned to Jeannie with a puzzled look. His wife Ellen laid a hand on Jeannie’s arm. “Is something wrong?” Jeannie fought back unwelcome tears. “I dunno,” she mumbled. “Tonight everybody was sharing their faith stories and I…I’m really struggling right now. God didn’t heal my sister like we prayed He would, and Jerry lost his job…I’m wondering if God really cares after all.” Dan put an arm around each woman’s shoulder. “You’re in the right place,” he said. “We’re here to help each other through times like that. Let our faith carry you until your own comes back.”


Faith is a tricky thing. It can roll in like the tide, but disappear like the morning fog. Events in our lives can either strengthen our faith or threaten it. Sometimes questions and hurts pelt us like rocks until we fear we’re going down. That’s when we need the faith of others to carry us. Our Christian friends can pray when we can’t, believe when we don’t, and encourage us when we can’t imagine the sun ever shining again. Those solid spiritual relationships are crucial for our survival. Church should be the safest place in the world when our faith is wavering. A life group is designed to be a safety net to catch those about to fall.


Final Thought:  Are you a safety net for your friends when their faith is wavering?

Prayer: Father, I’ve been hard on people before when they were struggling. They didn’t need my criticism; they needed to lean on my faith. Help me stay strong in you so that I can help catch those who are wavering in their faith. In Jesus’ name, Amen.