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Alone? | What You Receive | Find Other Believers

Alone? | What You Receive | Find Other Believers

Cedar Point

As soon as they were freed, Peter and John returned to the other believers…  Acts 4:23


Homing pigeons are remarkable for their ability to find their homes when released hundreds of miles away. They’ve been used as messengers during war and as long-distance communication systems before there were telephones. Researchers still debate the exact reason that homing pigeons are so reliable, suggesting everything from sound waves to smell. But one thing we know: a homing pigeon will return to its home whenever possible because something inside propels it to do so.


That same homing instinct is a mark of a true Christ follower. When we surrender our lives to the lordship of Jesus, He puts a new heart in us. It’s a heart with a homing device that yearns for heaven, for holiness, and for the company of other believers. Regardless of where we find ourselves, true Christians seek the company of other believers.


Peter and John had just been released from jail after a grueling interrogation by religious officials. They were warned to stop preaching about Jesus and then released. Instead of rushing to secure a lawyer or griping on social media (#religiousbigotsareidiots), they made a bee-line for their Christian friends. They’d been harassed, gone without food or sleep, yet something inside them propelled them to seek spiritual encouragement first. Despite misunderstandings, disappointments, and jealousies that are part of any church, a true disciple of Jesus cannot stay away very long from the fellowship of other Christians. The Holy Spirit inside propels us to do so.


Final Thought:  Have you considered yourself a Lone Ranger Christian who doesn’t need the church? Think again.


Prayer: Lord, I’ve been hurt by other Christians, discouraged, and disappointed. Yet, if I have your heart in me, then you’ve programmed me to yearn for home, for my Christian family. May I live true to the nature you gave me. Jesus’ name, Amen.