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Alone? | What You Receive | Transparent Relationships

Alone? | What You Receive | Transparent Relationships

Cedar Point

He said, “My soul is crushed with grief to the point of death. Stay here and keep watch with me.” Matthew 26:38


The clock ticked while the universe held its breath. Angels watched in horror as their Creator marched toward the unthinkable. What lay ahead for Israel’s most famous Rabbi, only He knew and it was more than He could bear. He’d done what He came to do. The Father was pleased. But His greatest ordeal lay just ahead. Within hours, the tides would turn and He would surrender Himself into the hands of men He’d created. It had to be done. If His friends, and the millions after them, had any hope of eternal life, He must pay for their sin. But dread was threatening to drown Him. He needed His friends.


You may not have faced crucifixion, but you know something of how Jesus felt. When sharp turns and life-altering events take our breath away, we can’t imagine living another moment in such agony. The divorce papers came. Your child died. The ER called and they wouldn’t say why. Your house burned down. You’d been doing what God asked you to do, but then Hell reached out and grabbed you by the throat. In those moments, we can’t do anything but be real. Masks tend to slip when our souls are crushed with grief. We need our people. We can’t do this alone.


Jesus took only His three closest friends when He faced His darkest hour. He knew with whom He could be transparent. He didn’t have to be Messiah, Rabbi, Healer, or Teacher with them, and He could show His humanity, His sorrow, because He knew that they could handle it. We all need people like that.


Final Thought:  Jesus wants us to cultivate relationships where we can be transparent with each other—like He did.


Prayer: Father, when I think about the people in my life, there are very few I can be completely transparent with. Thank you for them. Help me be that kind of friend to them, too. May I cultivate that kind of trust in my life group. Jesus’ name, Amen.