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Alone? | What Your Receive | Confessing Your Sins

Alone? | What Your Receive | Confessing Your Sins

Cedar Point

Confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. James 5:16


“Remember, my wicked little apprentice,” hissed the senior demon, “keep your subject isolated. Whatever you do, don’t let him connect with another Christian.” He rubbed his claws together and cackled. “Keep him thinking he’s above all that. His sins are fine as long as they are private.” The apprentice nodded. “I’m pleased to report that he’s about to drop out of church.  I convinced him he doesn’t need it and he can be closer to the Enemy by himself.” An approving laugh echoed through the dungeon. “Excellent! One of my favorite tactics! But he may be in danger of continuing his…whatever they’re calling it…small group, life group…ugh, some disgusting title like that. Convince him that those are a waste of time and it’s nobody’s business what he does.” The apprentice clicked his pointed heels together and saluted. “On it, Sir! I’ve been suggesting that his pastor isn’t teaching the new-and-improved doctrines we introduced last year. That will start the downfall. His pride will do the rest.”


Confessing our sins to one another is the LAST thing we want to do. We’ve got our pride, after all. What will people think? We’ve got an image to protect, don’t we? Have you ever considered that those thoughts originated in Hell’s own factory? They seemed like your own thoughts, didn’t they? We don’t realize how closely we align ourselves with Hell’s thinking when we reject the God-ordained accountability He requires of us. While we don’t need to blab our business to everybody we meet, we do need to humble ourselves and admit when we’ve blown it. We need brothers and sisters who will forgive us, pray for us, and help us heal from the damage sin created. Sometimes those kinds of friendships are formed in a life group.


Final Thought:  Secret sin defeats us; confessing sin heals us. Do you have Christian friends you can confess your sins to?


Prayer: Father, I am harboring secret struggles I don’t want anybody to know about. But I’m not winning this fight. Please direct me to a group of believers who can hold me accountable and help me recover from the damage sin caused. Amen.