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Boundaries | Love Letters

Boundaries | Love Letters

throw off your old sinful nature and your former way of life… corrupted by lust and deception. Eph. 4:22


The orphan boy stared wide-eyed at the opulence of his new home. His over-sized coat, found in a dumpster, dripped dirty rainwater onto the marble floors and tainted the air with its stench. A butler appeared, clean clothes in hand. “Your new mother would like you to wear these. Let me help you off with that coat.” The boy drew back, clutching the ragged garment around him. “No! It’s mine! I need it!” he shouted. The butler smiled patiently. “Son, you’ve been adopted by a wonderful family who loves you. They’ve provided everything you’ll need, including fresh comfortable clothes your size. But you have to let go of the old ones. You won’t need them anymore. These clothes are yours, but you can’t have them while wearing the old ones.”

We cannot come into the presence of a holy God reeking of garbage, so He did something about it. Our Father purchased new clothes for us at the cost of His own Son. He adopted us and offers to clothe us in righteousness, purity, and honor. “No!” we shout and we clutch our old sin patterns around us. “It’s mine! I need it! I need this addiction. This relationship. This habit. This lifestyle.” We’d gladly take the new garments He offers, but we refuse to let go of the old ones. It doesn’t work that way. We cannot have both. Until we are willing to “throw off our old sinful nature and former way of life,” we cannot enjoy the new one.


Final Thought:  What old garments are you clinging to that are keeping you from enjoying the new ones God offers?


Prayer: Lord, I’ve tried to wear both coats at the same time, my old one and your new one. They don’t fit together. Please go through the closet of my heart with me and help me see which parts of my old life I need to throw out. In Jesus’ name, Amen.