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Boundaries and Consequences

Boundaries and Consequences


“…If you eat its fruit, you are sure to die.” Genesis 2:17

Kelvin shifted into Drive and stomped the accelerator. His Mustang roared onto the highway, narrowly missing a dump truck. “Dude!” his buddy shouted. “What’s wrong with you? Show down!” Kelvin grinned at the speedometer as it made its steady progress upward. “I decided I’m an adult and nobody has the right to tell me how fast I can drive,” he shouted back. “It’s my car and my—” He grabbed the wheel to swerve around a school bus. The Mustang skidded sideways before gripping the road again. “Whatever, just let me out!” shouted his friend. Kelvin rolled his eyes. “You’re such a fossil. This is the 21st century, man. Don’t let everyone else tell you how to live.” Those were the last words he spoke before the Mustang went airborne.

The Bible is a book of boundaries and consequences. God says, “You shall not…” but He doesn’t chain us up or build high walls around the forbidden. He sets us free to make whatever choice we’re going to make. But with those choices come consequences, both good and bad. When we choose to live within the boundaries He has established, we thrive. Life works. Regrets are minimal, and we can experience all He designed us to be. But we also have the choice to act like Kelvin. We then get to experience the consequences of defying Him. God loves us, but He’s not a permissive Father. He knows the heartache, divorces, addictions, STD’s, and abortions that will follow our rebellion. He never wanted that for us, so that’s why He gave us His instruction manual. When we follow the directions, we find life. But if we insist on the forbidden fruit, we invite death.

Final Thought

Which tree are you eating from? What consequences have you reaped?


Father, my past demonstrates the truth of your word. I’ve eaten from the wrong tree and invited death and destruction into my life. But I’m yours now. I choose to follow your instructions so my future won’t look like my past. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


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