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Boundaries | Love Letters

Boundaries | Love Letters

Run from sexual sin!…For sexual immorality is a sin against your own body. 1 Corinthians 6:18


“It’s my body. I can do whatever I want with it!” This declaration is wildly popular, especially among those intent upon harming themselves, or the baby they carry inside. But let’s think about what we’re saying. Is it “my body?” Did I scoop up dirt and form myself? Did I breathe life into my own lungs and give myself sight, hearing, and a working brain? Where did we get our bodies? Certainly not from ourselves. They are on loan to us from our Creator and He has specific instructions for their operation and maintenance. One of those instructions is about our sexuality, which is also a gift from our Creator.


God created sex and presented it as a wedding gift to the first man and woman, Adam and Eve. But it came with instructions in the same way that complicated technology comes with instructions. Ignoring the directions for a sensitive piece of equipment is foolish. The device will not function as it should. A $10,000 computer becomes garbage when abused. That’s what Satan has done with sex. He has twisted, perverted, and exploited it, while we applaud his cleverness. “We’re liberated!” we cry. “What does God know?” And we abuse His sacred gift. Any sexual expression outside of the marriage union of one man and one woman is sin, and we are to run from it. Run from porn. Run from lust. Run from compromising situations. Run from affairs. Run from homosexuality. Run from immodesty. Run from partying. Sexual sin violates the temple of God. So don’t walk, RUN!


Final Thought:  In what areas of your life are you refusing to run from sexual sin? (Romans 13:13-14)


Prayer: Father, this convicts me. I pretend I can keep some areas of my life separate from my relationship with you. But I’m lying to myself. It’s sin whether I admit it or not. I want to keep my heart and body pure. Help me run. In Jesus’ name, Amen.