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Brothers | Balancing Act | The Cost of Faith

Brothers | Balancing Act | The Cost of Faith


…was not Rahab the harlot also justified by works when she sent the messengers…by another way? (James 2:25)


It would cost her everything to do what these men asked. But it would cost her everything if she didn’t. Israel was about to destroy her city, but Rahab and her family would be spared if she sheltered their spies. However, doing so would mean turning her back on her old life, old friends, and the only business she knew. She was offered a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to abandon the way of life that was destroying her and embrace God’s way. She could not continue as Rahab the harlot in this new life, so it took faith to say, “Yes, I will do it God’s way.” Her faith was validated when actions followed her words.


It costs us everything to follow Jesus. But it costs us everything if we don’t. This world and its system is about to be destroyed. It is now under the power of Satan, but God will have the last word. Like Rahab, we can be spared destruction when we’re willing to welcome the good news that Jesus is here to rescue us. But it’s not enough to merely voice the words, “I believe.” Faith means turning our backs on our identity as the liar, the partier, the drunk, the self-righteous.


We cannot continue in the only business we knew: self-worship, self-rule, and self-pleasing. It takes faith to let go of our rights to be our own boss, to turn our backs on our old way of life. But our faith is validated when we are willing to die to our old selves and embrace the new life Christ bought for us. We’re justified by our works, just as Rahab was, because those works spring from life-transforming faith.


Final Thought: If your faith has stayed inside your head and never made it to your works, it’s not real faith.


Prayer: Lord, check my faith. I say I trust in you, but do my works back up the claims? Have I turned my back on my old ways in order to embrace your new life? I do that now. Make me righteous because of what Jesus did for me. In His name, Amen.