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Brothers | Closer | Ask For Help

Brothers | Closer | Ask For Help


Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up. (James 4:10)


“I do it myself!” shouted three-year-old Emmy. She stood on a box of Lego’s balanced on a wooden stool atop a folding chair. It was a disaster about to happen when Dad raced into the room. Emmy had just reached the crackers when Dad grabbed her.  The shaky tower crashed to the tile. Emmy clung to her father’s neck and sobbed on his shoulder. “Honey, why didn’t you ask for help?” her father asked. She wiped her eyes. “You might not let me have the crackers, and I wanted to do it myself.”

“Well, you’re right that I might not have let you eat crackers this close to supper time. But when you need something out of your reach, come and find Daddy. I’ll lift you up so you can get what you need. Your way will hurt you.”


Our way can hurt us too. Instead of humbling ourselves and asking our Father for help, we cry, “I can do it myself!” We substitute our pride for real strength and imagine that our way is better than His. “God might not let me have it,” we think. So we construct a plan that would never meet with His approval. A little sin, a little compromise, stacked on top of worldly opinion and pride, we stand poised to make a colossal mess of things. “Ask for help,” our Father says. “You’re right. I might not let you have what you want because it’s not good for you. But humble yourself before me and I will lift you up where you need to be.”


Final Thought:  When you reach for the stars, are you standing on your own ladder or are you letting your Father lift you up?

Prayer: Father, I don’t wait for you all the time. I start thinking I can do things myself and then I either fail or get puffed up with pride. Help me humble myself first so you don’t have to humble me. It’s so much better when you lift me up. Amen.