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Brothers | Every Season | Grumblings

Brothers | Every Season | Grumblings


Don’t grumble against one another… or you will be judged. The Judge is standing at the door!  (James 5:9)


The airways are thick with grumblings and accusations about judging. “You’re judging!” “No, YOU’RE judging!” “They’re judgmental, but I’m not judgmental for saying they’re judgmental.” It gets a little ridiculous. Social media has given us an irresistible platform for grumbling about anything and everyone. If someone disagrees with us, they’re judgmental and we’re gonna grumble about it to everyone. If someone else thinks wrong, acts wrong, or votes wrong, we’ll bravely judge them from behind our smartphones. Ever read the comments beneath a preaching video? Eek! And most claim to be on our team.


What does it mean to grumble against one another? Grumbling is a softer version of outright judging. Rather than lovingly confront a brother or sister who is getting off the path, we grumble behind their backs to other people: “I don’t think she’s talented enough.” Or “I can’t believe they’re letting him lead.” We grumble when we express negative opinions without seeking to resolve an issue. The goal of a grumbler is to garner support against someone. The goal of a restorer is to present truth that benefits someone. God hates our grumbling against Him or the rest of His family because it divides us. We must present truth or our opinions in beneficial ways by discussing issues, not targeting people. When we insist on grumbling, judgment is next.


Final Thought:  Where are you on the grumble scale?  Grumbler  1—————————5—————————– 10  Restorer

Prayer: Father, I have a habit of grumbling about people instead of addressing the issues to their face. I guess that’s cowardly. Help me have courage to confront issues that need clarifying and stop judging people in my heart. In Jesus’ name, Amen.