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Brothers | Every Season | Patience in Suffering

Brothers | Every Season | Patience in Suffering


For examples of patience in suffering…look at the prophets who spoke in the name of the Lord. (James 5:10)


Patience in suffering. UGH! What an awful phrase. When we’re suffering, we want sympathy, help, or at least the relief of complaining. Social media provides us with a dozen avenues to let everyone know how we are suffering, but we rarely stop to consider whether doing so is right. So what does patient suffering look like? Let’s look at some Bible people who did it well.


Daniel: Despite knowing the punishment for praying, he did it anyway and was thrown to the lions. Suffering did not stop him.

Job: In the face of extreme testing from God, he never spoke evil against the Lord. Suffering did not break him.

Jeremiah: He spoke God’s words of warning and rebuke to Israel, and they persecuted him for it. Suffering did not silence him.


Sometimes our suffering is due to our own stupid or sinful choices. We have the options of learning from those consequences or becoming a fool (Prov. 26:11). But when suffering comes through no fault of our own, God wants us to bear it with dignity and patience. Refuse to become bitter. Practice forgiveness, kindness, service, and love in spite of the pain. When we keep our eyes off our hurts and on Jesus, He strengthens us to endure until we step into His presence and receive His reward.


Final Thought:  How do you respond to suffering? We can learn to suffer well from those who went before us.

Prayer: Father, I don’t always suffer well. I prefer to complain and get angry at you. Help me learn from your people who suffered well. No matter what happens, may suffering never stop me, break me, or silence me. In Jesus’ name, Amen.