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Brothers | It’s Different | Knowledge vs. Wisdom

Brothers | It’s Different | Knowledge vs. Wisdom


If you are wise and understand God’s ways, prove it by living an honorable life… with humility… (James 3:13)


Dr. Smart peered over his glasses at his grad student. “Did you question me, young man?” he growled. He jerked his head toward the wall covered with diplomas, certificates, and commendations. “I have more letters behind my name than you have spelling yours. I dropped out of Mensa because I found it beneath my intelligence. So how dare a punk like you question my expertise!” The student gulped, and gripped his chair for support. “I’m sorry, sir. I meant no disrespect, but your lecture on the family today confused me because, as I understand it, you’ve been divorced 5 times, your kids don’t speak to you, and you admit to being an alcoholic. I-I just have a hard time citing you as an expert. Your advice didn’t…uh…seem to work for you.”


Our world has decreed that a certain number of college courses, degrees, or TV appearances automatically makes one an expert in any field. If someone wears the label of “Doctor,” “Professor,” or “MVP,” we consider their opinions pure wisdom. God doesn’t. He is also not impressed with a seminary degree, Bible memorization, or the title of “Minister” when those factors are not coupled with humility and integrity. A Ugandan street sweeper may be wiser than a room full of college professors if he is living what he’s learned from God’s word. We prove ourselves wise by humbly applying the knowledge God has given us.


Final Thought:  Knowledge is the collection of facts; wisdom is applying those facts to our lives.

Prayer: Father, I have confused wisdom with knowledge and I’m not as careful as I need to be about whose advice I take. Help me evaluate those I consider experts based on whether they live what they proclaim. In Jesus’ name, Amen.