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Brothers | Mirrored | Running Wild

Brothers | Mirrored | Running Wild


When people do not accept divine guidance, they run wild. But whoever obeys the law is joyful. (Proverbs 29:18)


That verse has never been more relevant than in 21st century America. If Satan and his henchmen took on flesh and wore matching jerseys, most of the world would eagerly sign up for the team. We’ve lost all sight of absolutes, declaring our whims the final authorities on right and wrong. The result is mass confusion: children with gender dysphoria are mutilated by adults who should know better. Addictions control our world and suicide is epidemic. We’ve kicked God to the curb. Even worse, we’ve redefined Him because the Bible’s God is bossy and we don’t like rules. No thanks to guidance; we’d rather run wild.


And so, a woman slouches against the prison bars, her pockmarked face and missing teeth a testament to the years she did not accept divine guidance and ran wild. A young man fights back tears as last year’s one-night stand picks up his son and walks out of his life. He’d give anything in the world to be a dad to his baby, but he refused divine guidance and ran wild. Divine guidance is mocked as outdated and unenlightened. Human arrogance has never been more inflated as we shake our fists at God’s right to set boundaries for us. In fact, current attitudes sound much like the first lie Satan told Eve: “God’s rules are confining. You should choose your own path.” We’ve believed it ever since. Imagine the eternal joy our first parents would have experienced if they had obeyed God’s law. Imagine the joy we can experience when we obey it. It’s not too late to start.


Final Thought:  This verse has two sections. Which describes you?

Prayer: Father, am I allowing culture to influence my perception of your laws? Do I fully accept your right to be my boss? Show me my own heart and teach me how to joyfully obey everything you say. I’m finished with running wild. In Jesus’ name, Amen.