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Brothers | Out of Control | Cursing Others

Brothers | Out of Control | Cursing Others


With the tongue we praise our Lord… and with it we curse human beings…made in God’s likeness. (James 3:9)


“He’s a no-good loser who’ll never amount to anything. He’s not worth my trouble!” Andy kicked his toolbox across the shop floor and watched his ex-employee walk away. Bruce wiped greasy hands and watched too. “Kinda hard on him, weren’t you?” Andy shook his head. “I gave him a chance and he blew it. I was gonna invite him to church, too. But not now; I don’t even think God could like him.” Bruce waited a minute, then said, “Y’know, I used to be that guy, back when I was drinking. I lost a few jobs, even my wife, and I didn’t think God could like me either. But He did, He does, and He changed me. He could change B.J. too. I mean, without Jesus, aren’t we all losers?” Andy frowned at his shop manager. “I hate when you’re right. OK. I’ll call him.”


God is so easy to love, isn’t He? And wonderful Jesus: Savior, Shepherd, Friend. What’s not to praise? But then there are all those people! Stupid, drunk, foul-mouthed, lazy, lying, cheating, stealing, arrogant fools we have to live around. They make trouble, mess up our plans, and vote wrong. It’s tempting to curse them to hell and forget about them. And because our judgments seem justified, we don’t think twice about cursing people all week and then showing up at church to praise the Lord. James says, “Think again.” Every time we curse a fellow human being, we stab the heart of God. He created every one of us with a part of Him inside. We’re spiritual. Eternal. The crown of His creation. You cannot curse someone’s child and expect to get along with the parent. Likewise, we cannot curse other people and expect to get along with God.  


Final Thought:  Do you curse people Monday through Saturday and then praise the Lord on Sunday? Time to change that.

Prayer: Father, I confess that I have spoken many hate-filled words about other people; yet, I love talking about you. How can this same mouth praise you and curse people you love? Please forgive me. Make my mouth worthy of your praise. Amen.