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Brothers | Weight Lifters | Heroes

Brothers | Weight Lifters | Heroes


Isn’t it the rich who…slander Jesus Christ, whose noble name you bear? (James 2:6-7)


Heroes. From our earliest years, we are force-fed heroes. From cartoons to professional sports, our culture insists that we throw money at our heroes like they were wise investments. Mr. Rogers and Barney the Dinosaur were traded for athletes and rock stars, but we never stop to question whether they are worthy of our admiration. If they can sing, act, hit a ball, tackle the opposing team, or make a billion dollars, we idolize them as though they are superior human beings. Yet, aren’t these the same people flaunting their sex lives on the covers of magazines, picking out new spouses like most of us pick out shirts, breaking every law and abusing every substance known to man? In God’s Hall of Heroes, how many would earn a slot?


James challenges the criteria we use to pick heroes. In his day, they bowed to those with golden chariots and a dozen slaves. He reminded the Christians that those same wealthy snobs dragged them into court if a donkey sneezed wrong. Why were the people with the lowest character considered the most admirable? He asks us the same thing. Are the Kardashians worthy of keeping up with? That band with the trashy lyrics, are they heroes? The actors celebrating gay pride, would Jesus admire them? The so-called Christian author now denying God’s word. Why keep buying her books? We cannot equally revere both Jesus AND those who dishonor Him. We may claim loyalty to Christ, but one glance at our heroes reveals the truth about us.


Final Thought:  Who are your heroes? Does Jesus consider them worthy of your admiration?


Prayer: Father, I do admire some people that you probably don’t. I justify it in a dozen ways, but I’m living with divided loyalty. Help me strip my heart of people-worship and screen my heroes based on whether they honor you. In Jesus’ name, Amen.