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Category: Devotional


Mind Games | Family Voices | Listen

Eli may have been a good priest, but he failed as a father. His two grown sons were supposed to follow him into the ministry, but instead, they used the temple as Party Central. They intercepted the sacrifices and took what they wanted, seducing girls on their way out. They were running wild and although…
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Mind Games | Family Voices | Restore Us

Although David was a man after God’s own heart, his kids belonged on Israel’s Most Wanted. Because David had not listened to God’s instructions about marriage, he kept adding wives and the children of those wives created chaos. One son, Amnon, became obsessed with his half-sister, Tamar, and connived a plan to violate her innocence…
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Mind Games | Family Voices | Failing Parents

Selah was placed in foster care at the age of 2 for sexual abuse. After bouncing from house to house, a family finally adopted her. But within months, her teachers saw the bruises and DHS yanked her from her adoptive parents and placed her with another family. Three times, Selah was adopted and sent back…
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Mind Games | Family Voices | Revenge

You daydream about it, that moment when the tables are turned and you can show them all. Those mocking faces, ridiculing voices, those people who said you’d never make it. But they were wrong. You did make it and now you can’t wait to rub their faces in it. You picture them with a flat…
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Mind Games | Family Voices | Jealousy

Imagine being Eliab. As the firstborn son, he was often responsible for the younger siblings. He got a double portion of work and responsibility, but one day it would be double inheritance. The younger brothers looked up to him, and he liked that. Things were good until the prophet Samuel showed up at their house…
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Mind Games | Voices From the Past | Sinners

Maybe your past makes you shudder. Or maybe doesn’t look so bad to others, but you know how you really are. Why would God want you when He knows all about that? He saved you, barely, because He’s so nice. But you’ll always be B team. Minor league. No way could someone with your history…
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Mind Games | Voices From the Past | Words

Zacharias and Elizabeth welcomed their baby into the family as a gift from God. Zach spoke a blessing over his tiny son, prophesying what God had told him about the boy’s future. Those words became reality as baby John grew up and accepted the role God had designed for him. He became known as John…
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Mind Games | Voices From the Past | Recognize

You were so glad to leave it all behind. Heartaches. Suffering. Brokenness. Jesus rescued you from all that, cleaned you up, and is now transforming you into His own image. But still… Old friends call. Addictions remind you that you’ll always want them. Loneliness echoes in your soul and you remember with longing the ways…
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Mind Games | Voices From the Past | Remember

Boy meets giant, kills giant with a slingshot, and is hero. We’ve heard every moral lesson that could be squeezed out of this historical event, but they only weaken its real message. This is not a tale of the underdog winning the day or a challenge to face your own giants. It’s the account of…
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Mind Games | Voices From the Past | Forget

Tessa turned over, kicked off the sheet, and grabbed her phone. 2:00 AM. Why couldn’t she get those voices out of her head? They were robbing her of peace, joy, and sleep. “How could you…” Why did you…” “Why didn’t you…” The condemning thoughts pelted her mind as memories played like a ticker tape parade…
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