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Nudges | People Nudges | Keep Good Company

 “That new guy is hot! I saw him talking to you. Did he ask you out?” Kara asked Angie as they left the gym. Angie shrugged and tossed her duffle bag in the backseat. “Yeah, he did but I turned him down.” Kara slammed the door and gaped at her friend. “Are you crazy? Why?”…
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Nudges | People Nudges | Praised by Fools

“I’m the most popular member of the atheist club,” Marli announced. Ray lifted a brow and smiled at his purple-haired granddaughter. “Well now, what does a person have to do to win that contest?” he asked. Marli rubbed her black-rimmed eyes and shrugged. “My opinion essay got published in the paper and everyone was like,…
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Nudges | People Nudges | Temptation

You’ve probably been called a name or two, but have you ever been called “Satan?” And by Jesus, no less!  As harsh as those words may sound to us, it’s worth looking at them more closely because Jesus never said things He didn’t mean or used words to wound. So since He always chose His…
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Nudges | People Nudges | Advice of the Wicked

Sure, the guys at work had foul mouths. A couple of them were cheating on their wives and one had gotten very creative with his expense report. But overall, they were fun people and always ready to give advice when Ted needed it. But it was strange that their advice never seemed to work very…
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Nudges | People Nudges | Confront Your Sins

You think you’re getting away with it. It’s over, it’s done, and nobody’s the wiser. Yeah, it was wrong but you’ll let a little time go by and maybe it won’t bother your conscience anymore. Maybe hiding your sin will make it go away. That’s what David thought. His sin of lust had taken him…
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Nudges | Three Questions on Direction | Taking a Detour

Your car rolls to a stop at the intersection. To the left is your destination, but big orange signs say “Bridge Out. Detour.” You slump in your seat as you consider your options. The road to the right will get you where you want to go but will take a lot longer. It also has…
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Nudges | Three Questions on Direction | Listen to Your Conscience

You’ve twisted the sheet into a knot ten times and the clock still says 3 am. Morning seems a hundred years away. Your failure has taken over your bedroom and mocks you from the dark corners. Regret won’t let you escape into sweet oblivion. How could you have been so stupid? Why did you say…
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Nudges | Three Questions on Direction | Don’t Forget to Act

“God, I’m ready for you to direct me so I’ll just sit right here in my recliner with the TV remote in my hand and wait for you to do something.” We may not use those exact words, but that can be our attitude when we ask for direction. “Lord, I wanna be out of…
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Nudges | Three Questions on Direction | Let God Handle It

That coworker who’s been on your case since Day One now needs you to cover for him. The woman who flipped you off in traffic now has a flat tire. Your ex has been horrid to you and now needs your help. How do you respond? Our first inclination is to think, “Payback time!” Every…
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Nudges | Three Questions on Direction | The Importance of the Bible

“I know what the Bible says, but I think—” Have you heard that? Maybe you’ve even said it. This phrase is becoming more common and more accepted, even within the church. Self-determination is the god of our culture and it’s showing up in our view of God’s word. The premise is that the Bible is…
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