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The Resurrection Reveals | My Lord and My God

He thought he had all his bases covered, He went to church (usually), knew most of the worship songs, and even had “Oceans” as his ringtone. He served donuts once a month and tithed his paycheck (sometimes). Everyone would say he was a good person and he could have answered most of the questions on…
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The Resurrection Reveals | Gotcha Day

Adoptive parents often celebrate the date when their children joined the family and they refer to it as “Gotcha Day.” This celebration is in addition to birthday parties that mark the birth of a new person. Gotcha Day marks the birth of a new family. Gotcha Day is extremely significant to adoptive families because it…
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The Resurrection Reveals | Objections

Did Jesus really rise from the dead? Isn’t that just a myth that got started by His followers? Maybe they stole the body to make it look like a miracle. Maybe He didn’t really die at all, just got a little woozy and then woke up. Objections to the resurrection are as old as the…
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The Resurrection Reveals | It is Finished

Mary buried her face in her hands as she heard her Son take His last agonizing breath. It was finished, all of it. The awe and wonder as she had watched Him grow up, the puzzlement at His strange ways and kindness to everyone. She had believed it with all her heart when the angel…
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The Resurrection Reveals | Belief vs. Obedience

“I believe all paths lead to God.” “I think God is so loving that it will all work out in the end.” “Yeah, the Big Guy will see that my good outweighs my bad, so I’m not worried.” Statements like these sound progressive and wise. After all, these people believe in God. The problem is…
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Last Words | With Me | Got Your Back

The bully’s red face glowered inches above Timmy’s. “Get up, Retard!” he bellowed. Bully-sweat dripped into Timmy’s eye as he blinked up at his tormentor, confused. Why didn’t bullies like people with Downs’ Syndrome? He liked them. He liked everybody. Timmy squeezed his eyes shut before another blow could land on his lip, but it…
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Last Words | With Me | Light Your Path

“You’re awesome, Girl!” “You’ve got what it takes!” “If no one has told you that you are beautiful, this anonymous computer-generated meme should do the trick!” Our culture abounds in peppy slogans designed to pump up our egos. But our culture also abounds in depressions and suicides so, apparently, cheery-meme therapy is not working. We’ve…
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Last Words | With Me | Rescued from the Bog

The gooey, green surface of the Bog gurgled and popped, emitting a noxious odor that should have warned careless passersby. But still they jumped in, disregarding the Danger signs posted at short intervals along the banks. Nothing survived that fell into the Bog and nothing existed that could pull them out. Except one. Cries for…
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Last Words | With Me | Bad Day Cure

Alexander is not the only one who has had a terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad day. In fact (we hate to tell you this, Alexander), those days become more frequent in adulthood. The problems get bigger, more complicated, and more expensive. Those terrible no-good days can stack up and become terrible no-good seasons. And, if…
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Last Words | With Me | Worst Day

It was the worst day of His life. He’d spent the last three years teaching, healing, comforting, forgiving, and pouring Himself out so that human beings could know His Father. He’d brought heaven to earth and crowds followed Him everywhere He went, but now…now He was facing His worst hour and where were they? Where…
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