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A Friendship | More Than

Monday— Do not be misled: “Bad company corrupts good character.”   1 Corinthians 15:33 *“I heard Margo’s drinking again,” Shelli said. “What happened?” Meg sighed. “Started going to Happy Hour with coworkers.” *“He was a good boy,” sobbed a bereaved mother. “He just got in with the wrong crowd. Now he’s gone forever.” *“I wanna give…
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More Than… A Prayer

Monday— And whoever does not carry their cross and follow me cannot be my disciple.   Luke 14:27 STOP ASKING JESUS INTO YOUR HEART! You won’t see that sentence in most Christian books because we assume “asking Jesus into your heart” is biblical. It’s really not. Neither is “the sinner’s prayer” we hear about. Each of…
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Monday—Masters, supply your slaves with what is right and fair, since you know that you also have a Master in heaven (v 1) “Why do you tip so much when we go out to eat?” Evan asked. Geoff smiled. “Before I was a doctor, I was a waiter.” “You let that kid get away with…
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Monday— Let the message of Christ dwell among you richly as you teach and admonish one another with all wisdom (v 16). “I’m gonna give him a piece of my mind!” “That guy needs to be set straight and I’m the one to do it!” “If you think like that, you’ve got another think coming!”…
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Monday— Set your mind on things above, not on things on the earth (v 2). Her smile was the first thing people saw when Hallie entered a room. Pronounced dead at the scene of a five-car pileup, she had defeated all odds and three years later, the former track star was beginning to train again.…
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Monday— I am telling you this so no one will deceive you with well-crafted arguments (v 4). Brock tossed his backpack on the sofa and embraced his mom. “So glad you’re home!” she cried, hugging him tightly then held him at arm’s length. “Wow, a whole year of college,” she said. “I swear you’ve grown…
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Jesus is ALL | Colossians

Monday— …we give thanks to God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ (v.3) “Jesus Christ, like Plato, was a good moral teacher. He came to show us how to treat each other.” “Jesus was the ultimate human, modeling morality for us. We should all seek to live with the Christ consciousness.” “Jesus Christ is…
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A Man of God

Monday— Then the man of God went to the king of Israel and said, “This is what the LORD says… 1 Kings 20:28 Imagine being known only as “the man of God.” You pass people on the sidewalk and they whisper to each other, “That’s the man of God.” The church is facing a huge decision,…
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Uncontainable | Commissioned

Monday— … and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem…in Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth.” Acts 1:8 You’re standing on a hill with Jesus’ apostles and friends. You’re listening to His last words before He ascends into heaven. What had He said about Samaria? You agreed with Him when He…
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Assignment | Commissioned

Monday— “The harvesters are paid good wages, and the fruit they harvest is people brought to eternal life. What joy awaits both the planter and the harvester alike!”  John 4:36 We hear a lot about “bearing fruit,” but we squeeze our own definitions in there that let us off the hook. “Well, you know, fruit…
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