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Changing Direction | Following God’s Calls

Changing Direction | Following God’s Calls

Cedar Point

…and they came to him.   (Mark 3:13)


“I’m really disappointed I’m not hearing about that job,” Russel said. “They pursued me, paid for me to fly across country and interview with them. I thought it went well. Benefits are great. I hate being stuck where I am.” Brad gave him a curious look. “They just dropped it?” he asked. Russel shrugged. “Oh, they left a few messages on my voicemail, but I never got around to returning the calls. I figured if they really wanted me, they’d make more effort.” Brad lifted a brow. “Are they still calling?” Russel frowned. “Not in a couple of weeks. I’m holding out for management.” Brad shook his head. “Man, did you blow it!”


Russel missed a once-in-a-lifetime chance. We do too when we put God off. Following Jesus consists of two equally important factors: He calls—we follow. Any relationship with God begins with Him. He is the one who extends the invitation. We’re not doing Him any favors by responding; we’re the ones benefitting. But we frown at the opportunity He’s extending and think, “I’ve got time. I’m holding out for a leadership position. I don’t want to waste myself on something menial like that.” And then the Lord stops calling and we miss out on all He intended to do through us. Discipleship means when He calls, we come to Him.


Final Thought:  Are you joyfully serving where Jesus has called you or are you jealous of someone else’s role?

Prayer: Father, how many opportunities have I missed because I didn’t like what you said? I’m ready to stop being my own god and listen to you. Purify my heart and prepare me to serve wherever you want me. I’ll obey.  In Jesus’ name, Amen.