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Changing Direction | Joyful Service

Changing Direction | Joyful Service

Cedar Point

Afterward Jesus went up on a mountain and called out the ones he wanted to go with him…  (Mark 3:13)


“Hey, why those guys?” Marcus’ brow furrowed and he jabbed a thumb in the direction of the group headed up the hill. He turned angrily to his friend, Seth. “I’ve been following too! Why didn’t He invite me? If He’s gonna take over the kingdom, I wanna be in on it! I’ve half a mind to charge right up there—” Seth grabbed his friend’s arm and pulled him back. “C’mon, man. He’s got His reasons. He’s in charge, right? If He only wanted those twelve, then…” Marcus swore and spat on the ground. “I’ve got a lot more to offer than those dumb fishermen. And that one guy, Matthew. He’s a tax collector! I thought the Teacher was smarter than that. If that’s the kind of friends He wants, forget it.”


We don’t know that there was a Marcus watching Jesus and the twelve walk away by themselves, but we’ve been in his sandals a couple of times. We know how he feels. God called somebody else to lead that ministry. Someone less qualified, less personable, less attractive is in a position you wish you had and jealousy strikes. Why can’t you be on TV leading that famous worship team? Why aren’t you leading conferences and speaking at retreats? Why hasn’t God noticed all you could be doing for Him if only He would pay attention to your talents? How do you respond when it seems like Jesus is bypassing you and handing out the cool parts to other people? Those twelve didn’t audition for the role; Jesus hand-picked them for His own reasons. We don’t get to audition either. When Jesus calls us, He knows whether we want to serve Him or serve our own egos.


Final Thought:  Are you joyfully serving where Jesus has called you or are you jealous of someone else’s role?


Prayer: Lord, I feel disappointed that my role in your kingdom seems so insignificant. I see famous Christians and people in leadership and wish it was me. Help me learn to serve you faithfully right where you’ve placed me. In Jesus’ name, Amen.