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Consider This | God’s Patience | Pushing the Limits

Consider This | God’s Patience | Pushing the Limits

consider this

He said, “I will do as before and shake myself free.” But he didn’t realize the LORD had left him. Judges 16:20 

Samson had always known he was special. God had selected him before birth to be the next judge over Israel. He was the golden child, He was anointed, and He was invincible. And he was a colossal mess. Handsome, charming, he loved the thrill of high danger and low women. Because he had God’s call on his life, he lived as thought the responsibility for fulfilling his destiny was God’s problem. Nothing could thwart him, or so he thought until he met his match in Delilah. She was immoral, forbidden—and she intrigued him. But Delilah was not his problem. Lust and pride were, and they cost him everything.

Samson ended up destroying himself because he assumed what we often assume. “I can get away with it. I’m special. Rules are for other people.” That train of thought is even more deadly for those called into ministry. “I’m anointed,” they think. “I’m exalted, and I’m better than those sinners. I can get away with a little philandering on the side because look at all the good I’m doing.” We assume God will tolerate us a little longer because of how valuable we are to His cause. But God’s patience does not guarantee forgiveness when we’re good and ready; it lasts until we can no longer repent. If we continue to harden our hearts, we may not be able to soften them. Testing God’s patience may mean that we never know when He has left us.

Final Thought: Are you pushing the limits of God’s patience with you? What if you wait too long to repent and then you can’t?

Prayer: Father, in what areas of my life am I acting like Samson? Do I assume you will ignore my sins because of how you’ve already worked in my life? Please forgive me. I now humble myself and repent before it’s too late. In Jesus’ name, Amen.