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Consider This | God’s Patience | The Jezebel Among Us

Consider This | God’s Patience | The Jezebel Among Us

consider this

But I have this against you, that you tolerate that woman Jezebel, who calls herself a prophetess and is teaching and seducing my servants to practice sexual immorality…  Revelation 2:20

They called her Jessie. Leader of Women’s Ministry at Thyatira Chapel, she was both compelling and intimidating. Flamboyant style coupled with her mantra of “Freedom in Christ,” she had made quite an impact. Before long, the young women were uploading “Rock that Thong” photos with Bible verses plastered across bare buttocks. The men “appreciated the human body” by hosting Porn Parties instead of life groups. Affairs, abortions, and STD’s skyrocketed in their town, but the building couldn’t hold all the people who wanted to be part of Jessie’s church. She applauded them all, praising their liberation from “dead religion” and claiming special revelations from God when anyone dared question her. “God created sexuality!” she cried. “We should celebrate it! It’s natural. Church people have put limits on God’s good gift. Well, no more!  Enjoy liberty!”

If only that were fiction. But Jezebels have been active in the church since the first century. Male or female, a Jezebel is identifiable by his/her hyper-spiritualized talk, unsupported by lifestyle. Usually divorced several times, sexual promiscuity has been an ongoing part of her life; yet, she spouts Bible verses and brags about operating in all gifts of the Spirit. She randomly breaks out in loud gibberish, which is supposed to be speaking in tongues but is designed to impress the impressionable. She claims visions, words of knowledge, dreams, and revelations, yet declares that obedience to scripture is outdated. God is patient with Jezebel for a while, but He will not tolerate a church that gives her a platform. Verses 21-23 tell us how that ended.

Final Thought:  Have you been seduced by a Jezebel? If his/her life does not match scripture’s definition of a disciple, RUN!

Prayer: Father, I’m picturing some people I’ve known who are pretty close to that description. They sound so spiritual and wise, but something seems off. They’re a law unto themselves and a danger to me. Help me stay away.  Amen.