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Consider This | God’s Patience | What is He Waiting For?

Consider This | God’s Patience | What is He Waiting For?

consider this

The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise…but is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish…   2 Peter 3:9 

“Why doesn’t Jesus come back? Why is it taking so long?”  If we’ve walked with the Lord for any length of time, we’ve asked those questions. The final Day of the Lord was promised way back in Old Testament times. When Jesus came the first time, He talked about it like it was right around the corner. But fast forward 2000 years—nothing yet. What is He waiting for?

Us, that’s what He’s waiting for. Your sister, your friend, your next door neighbor. That annoying guy at work. God pre-selected those who would be His from before the foundations of the earth (Rev. 13:8). From every nation, tribe, ethnicity, and era, God’s people are gathering. He’s holding the door open for that last one named Whosoever Will. He’s reluctant to bring all things to an end because of that one more. He knows their names and they haven’t received Him yet. It’s hard to be patient as we wait eagerly for Jesus’ return. But maybe that one more is your child, your father, your grandma, your best friend. God loves them more than you do and is extending the deadline as He moves heaven and earth to bring them to Himself. 

Final Thought: Think of the times God has been extra patient with you. Pray for someone right now who needs His patience.  

Prayer: Father, I am so grateful for all the times you are patient with me. Help me to extend that same patience to other people. As I eagerly wait for your return, I pray for those not yet in your family. Please, bring them in. In Jesus’ name, Amen.