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Consider This | In Trouble | Be Patient

Consider This | In Trouble | Be Patient

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 Rejoice in our confident hope. Be patient in trouble, and keep on praying.   Romans 12:12 

“When will this end,” grumbled Tonya. “I’m so tired of doing life alone. Everyone else seems to find the right person, but I’m stuck going home to an empty house. Every Prince Charming I date ends up being a frog after all.” Her mentor Eloise laid a gnarled hand on Tonya’s shoulder. “I know, honey. Loneliness is hard. I wish the Bible didn’t say it so often, but because it does, maybe we should take a closer look. God talks a lot about being patient. Waiting on Him, His timing.” Tonya sighed. “I’m trying to!” Eloise shook her head. “Sweetie, I’m not sure that’s true. Haven’t you been a bit like Abraham and Sarah when they grew tired of waiting for a child? How many men have you slept with since your divorce? That’s not waiting on God.”

The kind of patience God requires of us is a confident hope that His plan will prevail without our help. When we try to “help” things along, we create a bigger mess. When Abraham and Sarah tried to “help” the Lord’s plan, they ended up creating the worst ethnic conflict the world has ever known: Jews vs. Arabs. When we try to “help” the Lord by stepping outside His will, we not only create new problems but we may also delay His answer. Mr. Right isn’t interested in the girl who’s sleeping with his neighbor. Ms. Right won’t give a second glance toward the guy who can’t keep a job or a good reputation. Being patient in trouble means we allow those dark times to refine us like gold so we are worthy of the future God wants for us.

Final Thought:  What do you do when you get tired of waiting on God?
Prayer: Father, this convicts me. I try to wait on your timing, but when it seems to never come, I take off on my own. Help me see that in my dark times, you haven’t forgotten about me. You are refining me. May I prove faithful. In Jesus’ name, Amen.