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Consider This | In Trouble | The Will of God

Consider This | In Trouble | The Will of God

Cedar Point

You need to persevere so that when you have done the will of God, you will receive what he promised. Heb. 10:36

Read that verse again. We’d like to skip over the middle part but that’s where the meat is. We understand persevering. We understand receiving God’s promises. But that middle part, that’s where it gets tough. “…when you have done the will of God…” The writer of Hebrews has just listed many of the trials his readers had endured. They’d been through the wringer and were still clinging to faith. He praises and encourages them, but ends with this exhortation: “Keep doing the will of God.”

So what is the will of God? First of all, it is God’s will that we hold tightly to the gospel we received by faith. If we have been born again by the grace of Jesus, then we must not let false doctrine or persuasive friends draw us away from it. Our grip on truth must be like the jaws of a pit bull. We won’t let go no matter what. Second, it is God’s will that we face tough times with the steely determination to stay faithful. Satan uses circumstances to try to twist our understanding of God’s nature and when we listen to him, he can easily snatch us away. It is also God’s will that we align our lives with His commands. They are for our good and when we obey them, His power works on our behalf. Patience only has value when we are patient for the right things. We don’t persevere in sin; we persevere in pursuing godliness, patience, and His will. Rewards will follow. 

Final Thought:  Are you pursuing the will of God for your life right now? He has promised to reward you if you don’t give up.

Prayer: Father, I need to make sure that I am being patient about the right things. Help me to stop excusing my sin and instead pursue your will in every area of my life. I want the reward you’ve promised for those who are patient. Amen.