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Consider This | While Waiting | Patient Endurance

Consider This | While Waiting | Patient Endurance

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…imitate those who through faith and patience inherit what has been promised.  Hebrews 6:12 

“I used to be a Christian,” said Greg. “I was really into it for a while, but other things caught my attention and pretty soon I was back to my old ways.” His neighbor nodded. “Lots of people in your shoes,” he said. “Have you considered that it is unlikely that you ever were a real Christian?” Greg recoiled. “No way! Why would you say that?” His neighbor smiled, “because the Bible does: Jesus put a lot of emphasis on persevering to the end. In fact, He says that’s one way we know who the real Christians are. Those who are truly born again by the Spirit of God don’t fizzle out, because God keeps us going. You may have gone through the motions, but there was no power in your life to help you persevere. Here, let’s look at 2 Timothy 2:12, 1 John 2:19, and Jude 24.”

We can’t always tell who the real Christians are. In fact, we’re not supposed to play Eenie-Meenie-Minie-Moe with people. Romans 8:19 says that all creation is waiting eagerly for the revealing of the children of God. Did you catch that? Not even the angels are sure who is truly saved and who isn’t. The evidence of our faith is whether or not we patiently endure to the end. Thousands begin well, but they drop out along the way. Life gets hard, temptation overwhelms, frustrations and questions multiply. We can coast quite a while on soulish enthusiasm that we mistake for spiritual fervor, but soulish enthusiasm won’t sustain us long term. Only the Holy Spirit can help us follow Jesus to the end. Patient endurance validates our claim to faith.

Final Thought:  Faith with patience is the winning combination. Only the power of God can help us endure to the end.

Prayer: Lord, will I endure to the end?  Am I truly one of yours? I want to know. I can’t endure with patience unless you do it through me, so I surrender myself now to your Spirit. Live your life through me so I will be revealed as your child. Amen.