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Far Far Better | Love’s Greatness

Far Far Better | Love’s Greatness


As for prophecies, they will pass away… (v. 8)


“Wow, there’s Moses!” “Hello Mr. Washington. Can you tell us about your prayer at Valley Forge?” “Hey, isn’t that Billy Graham talking to Abraham?” Imagine your first week in the new heaven and new earth. All God’s people from every century and every region of the world are together forever. Time as we know it will have passed away. Our glorified bodies will be like the body Jesus had when He rose from the grave (1 John 3:2). We won’t need the gift of prophecy because truth will reign unchallenged. Joy and harmony will dominate every conversation. The gift of prophecy is needed now because we only know in part. While here on earth, we have trouble with spiritual realities, so those with the gift of prophecy help us apply God’s truth to our lives.


One key feature of the gift of prophecy is the ability to proclaim truth in the face of error. Prophets have a zero tolerance for sin in any form and are used in the body of Christ to expose deception, correct those on the wrong path, and proclaim God’s righteous decrees in understandable ways. Since there will be no sin in God’s new heaven and earth, we won’t need the gift of prophecy. However, those who were faithful to use their prophetic gifts on earth may enjoy a heightened awareness of the absence of evil. Their heavenly rewards may depend upon how faithful they were on earth to proclaim God’s truth in love.


Final Thought:  If you have the gift of prophecy, work to develop that gift while remembering that love must define it.


Prayer: Father, I want to develop a greater ability to detect error and proclaim your truth in kind and humble ways. Help me to readjust my heart and look forward to that day when sin will cease and righteousness will rule.  In Jesus’ name, Amen.