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Far Far Better | Love’s Greatness

Far Far Better | Love’s Greatness


as for tongues, they will cease… (v. 8)


“Don’t make me come down there!” As God watched humans gravitate toward each other and away from Him, He knew something had to be done. Sin and pride had taken over the human race, so God used a language barrier to separate them. Before that moment, every human on the planet spoke the same language (Gen. 11). Nobody sweated through French class, conjugated English verbs, or bungled a Spanish test. Those languages did not exist. Sin also hindered communication between God and mankind. The gift of tongues restores some of that communication for those who have been filled with God’s Spirit. The gift of tongues allows us to speak to God and others in languages we have not learned.


In the book of Acts, the gift of tongues allowed the disciples to preach the gospel to foreigners. But in First Corinthians, tongues are described as a way to worship God and express our hearts when known languages are not enough. However, when we are in the presence of Jesus, we won’t need that gift. We are not told which language is spoken in heaven, but we will understand each other perfectly. We can hear Elijah describe being taken up in a whirlwind—and we won’t need to know Hebrew? Angels will tell us about the times they rescued us—and we’ll understand them. But best of all, we can bow before Jesus to pour out our love and thanksgiving, and we’ll always have the right words.


Final Thought:

Whether you’ve been given the gift of tongues or not, you can express love in any language.



Holy Spirit, thank you for the gifts you have given me. May I used them correctly because I know that one day soon, they won’t be necessary. Remind me every day that I can demonstrate the love of heaven before I get there. Amen.