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Fear Less | Confidence in Fear

Fear Less | Confidence in Fear

Cedar Point

Though a mighty army surrounds me, my heart will not be afraid.  Psalm 27:3


ISIS. Another school shooting. Republicans and Democrats screaming at each other. Job layoffs. Might be cancer…

The constant input of fearful news runs like a ticker tape across the backs of our minds, feeding us terrifying tidbits like they’re popcorn. “What if that was us, what if they leave me, what if Trump wins, what if Trump loses? What if…?” We can “what if” our way right into the insane asylum and that’s where Satan wants us. That’s his voice we hear, whispering in the darkness, “What are you gonna do? You’d better panic. Get drunk. Pop a pill. End your life. It’s never gonna get better.” Even when we know Jesus, fear can dominate our thoughts. So how are we supposed to respond to all that fear-mongering?


This Psalmist wrote that he had no fear even if an army surrounded him. It’s important to know that this Psalmist was David, shepherd boy turned king-elect. But he wasn’t king yet. In fact, he was running for his life from the reigning king, Saul. He probably penned those words from a cave, writing on the back of his hand with a burnt stick. That mighty army he wrote about was real. King Saul had Israel’s best warriors looking for David. Running for his life, David learned a few things about fear. But he also learned a few things about his God. He knew God had called him to be king. Therefore, nothing could happen to him that God had not allowed. He was invincible until God fulfilled His purpose in him. That confidence was his anchor when fear surrounded him. Knowing we are invincible until God fulfills His purpose in us is also our anchor when fear surrounds us.  


Final Thought:  With what confidence do you face the fears that threaten you?

Prayer: Father, I give way to fear a lot. Help me build the kind of confidence that David had in you. He knew you had called him and would protect him until you were ready to call him home. Help me learn to face fear that way. In Jesus’ name, Amen.