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Fear Less | When God Sleeps

Fear Less | When God Sleeps

Cedar Point

Jesus was sleeping at the back of the boat with his head on a cushion. Mark 4:38


They’d known storms before; they made their living on the seas. But this storm…something about it felt like this was the big one. Pride made them row harder, experience told them not to panic, but fear howled louder than the wind. It was time to call for backup. They couldn’t win this one on their own. But where was He? Why wasn’t He out here helping them? His big arms could surely row faster than theirs. His carpenter hands should have been holding the rudder, pulling down the sails…Where was He? Fear drove them to the belly of the boat, but shock stopped them in their tracks. Asleep? Jesus was asleep.


That’s not a comforting picture of God, is it? A storm is raging, threatening to drown you, and God is asleep. Why isn’t He out there helping you? Why isn’t He using His God-powers to help you figure out what to do? Take a look at the next verse. Jesus wasn’t interested in helping them fight the storm the way they were used to fighting storms. He simply spoke to it and it stopped. They hadn’t thought of that. We don’t think of it either when storms threaten to sink us. We want God to join us on deck and help us do what we’re already doing. He isn’t interested. Instead, He’s spoken His solutions into His Book and He expects us to use them. Sometimes it takes a storm or two to get us where He wants us to go.


Final Thought:  Does it feel like God is asleep sometimes? What does His word say about your storm?

Prayer: Jesus, if I’d been in that boat, I would have been scared too. Sometimes I’m scared in my own storms and it seems like you’re asleep. But you’re not freaking out like I am because you’ve already spoken to it. Help me remember that. Amen.