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Grow | Progressive

Grow | Progressive

Cedar Point

We will no longer be immature like children…blown about by every wind of new teaching… Ephesians 4:14

“I don’t like the new carpet,” Shay grumbled. “It’s ugly. Second Church has gorgeous tile and new chairs. I’m thinking of going over there.” Roddy agreed. “Yeah, our pastor’s been going on about all that sin and repentance stuff. I wanna hear sermons that make me feel good. I go to church to feel better about myself, not worse.” Shay sighed, “Exactly. I’ve always been a Christian and I have favorite verses and Bible stories, but he never even mentions those.” Roddy shook his head. “Yeah, unless Christianity can keep up with the times, it’s going the way of the Model T. I’m ready to find a more progressive church.”

“Progressive Christian” is a currently popular way to say “spiritual baby.” Progressives have traded the Bible’s definition of growth for culture’s fascination with “progress.” Real growth means that when we encounter a biblical truth that makes us uncomfortable, we wrestle with it until we submit to it. But “progressive Christianity” simply changes it. “Bible scholars for centuries have thought that’s what this verse means, but we know better,” Progressives declare with conviction. “Up is now down, in is out, and right is wrong. That’s the new way of being a Christian.” No, that’s the old way of being an enemy of God (Phil. 3:18-19). Spiritual infants hear the same basic truths over and over again, but never grow wiser. They never mature. So the label of “progressive” is a misnomer because they have not progressed at all, according to God’s standards. They have regressed into worldly thinking. Spiritual growth requires that we submit ourselves to God’s word in every way, even when it is politically incorrect and socially unpopular. Refusing to compromise biblical truth is a sign of spritual progress.

Final Thought:  How have you defined “progressive Christianity?” Is it PRO-gressive or RE-gressive according to scripture?

Prayer: Father, progressivism is so prevalent right now, I never stopped to question whether it was right. But if it’s not faithful to your word, it’s not progress. Keep me grounded in truth so that I won’t be fooled by counterfeit spirituality.  Amen.