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Grow | The Right Direction

Grow | The Right Direction

Cedar Point

But grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.   2 Peter 3:18

On a windswept plain in Kansas, trees that manage to survive are all bent in the same direction. They’ve grown, but they grew the way the assailing wind determined. On a mountaintop, the forest ends at the tree line. Pines and aspens that soared skyward a few meters down become stubby underbrush at higher elevations. Everything alive will grow, but our circumstances may affect the rate and direction. And because of the fallen state of the world, not all growth is good. Tumors grow. Lies grow. Egos grow. Even human beings can grow fat, arrogant, and lazy. In order to grow the way God intended, we need a goal.

God’s word tells us we are to grow in grace and knowledge. Growing in grace means we expand our capacity to give and receive love and forgiveness. We become channels of God’s mercy by gratefully accepting His forgiveness when we repent, and then freely extending that pardon to those who wrong us. Growing in knowledge does not mean we merely gather facts and regurgitate them on command. A person can rattle off an impressive list of Bible verses but not grow in knowledge. We can win Bible Trivia and still not become wiser. This knowledge is experiential. We grow in knowledge by putting into practice what we’re learning about Jesus. Bible truths become our own. Growing in grace and knowledge produces mature Christians.

Final Thought:  Are you growing in the right direction?

Prayer: Father, I’m kind of like the tree line. My spiritual growth stopped somewhere in the past. I used to be eager to grow, but now I’m stalled. May this be the year I dig in and start growing in grace and knowledge. In Jesus’ name, Amen.