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Influence | What Makes You Contagious?

Influence | What Makes You Contagious?

“O Daniel, man of high esteem…from the first day…your words have been heard…”  Daniel 10:11,12


When the glowing man in white touched his shoulder, Daniel knew he was not dreaming. The crackling light was so blinding he could barely raise his eyes. What had the angel called him? “Man of high esteem?” Daniel staggered to his feet, but his trembling legs threatened to give way. How could this be? He was only Daniel, a captive Jewish slave living in Babylon. Yet, unknown to him, he was viewed with high esteem by the Lord of all Creation. God had given him a vision, and he refused to stop searching until he understood its meaning. Now an angel stood before him and told him that he had impressed Heaven.

What does it take for the Lord God to call someone a “man/woman of high esteem?” Was it intelligence that caught Heaven’s attention? Was it status? Wealth? Perfection? Daniel had none of those. The angel said it was when “…you set your heart to understand and humbled yourself before your God.” That’s all it takes to have influence with God: we set our hearts to understand and humble ourselves before our God. Before we can influence the world around us, we must gain influence with the world above us. We do that by abandoning ourselves in total commitment to the will and plan of God. The Lord is actively seeking men and women, boys and girls, upon whom He can bestow the title “People of High Esteem” (2 Chron. 16:9).


Final Thought: Does Heaven hold you in high esteem? If not, you can change that.


Prayer: Father, I want to have influence with you the way Daniel did. I can’t fully impact my world until I’m fully surrendered to you. Teach me how to abandon myself to your will so I can be held in high esteem in heaven. In Jesus’ name, Amen.