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Influence | What Makes You Contagious?

Influence | What Makes You Contagious?

Then the king promoted Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego to even higher positions…  Daniel 3:30


“Then” is a VERY important word in this sentence. It concludes the hair-raising account of three teenage captives who stood for God despite a law that demanded they bow to an idol. They were thrown into a fiery furnace as a consequence, and the king’s entire court got to witness the Lord delivering them. Everyone was so amazed—-especially the king—that he declared Israel’s God as the only god who would be worshiped from then on. Only after walking through the fire did the young men gain influence with those who watched. It was because of the fire, not in spite of it, that a nation turned to God.


Sometimes influence is gained in ways we would never choose. The CT scan showed a mass. “Til death do us part” walked out the door. A tornado destroyed your home or another kind destroyed your child. Temptation slow dances into your life and every fiber of your being wants to join the dance. We feel alone when we step into the flames, but people are watching. Every moment is a choice: Will I bow to my fleshly desires or will I stand for the Lord? It is in those moments we declare who is Lord of our lives. Influence is forged in such flames and it is often because of those fires, not in spite of them, that others turn to God.


Final Thought: What fires are you walking through that may give you influence in the future?


Prayer: Father, help me learn to see the fires in my life as opportunities to gain influence. People watch how I handle them.  They want to know if the God I profess is enough to sustain me. Strengthen me to represent you well. In Jesus’ name, Amen