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InFLUence | Hiding Your Influence

InFLUence | Hiding Your Influence

“…many ..would not confess Him…for they loved human praise more than praise from God.”  John 12: 42-43

Elias rearranged scrolls and tried to keep his expression neutral while his fellow priests ranted. That new Rabbi was getting under everyone’s skin and the leaders were becoming agitated. There was even talk about stoning Him. Curiosity had first driven Elias to the countryside to listen to this Man some called the Messiah, but it was conviction that propelled him back again and again. He had seen a sack lunch become a feast. He had watched Jairus’ dead daughter brought to life and heard the mute man speak. Only God could do such things, but saying that would cause problems. So He kept silent. No one could know he believed this Man’s words and that his heart burned for more. The price for confessing his faith was too high.

How often have you kept your influence under wraps because the price was too high? People might look at you funny. Friends might walk away. You’d get a reputation for being a religious wacko, so you stay silent. Maybe you’ve even joined in when people mocked faith, trashed the Bible, or relegated Jesus to the role of a social reformer. You believe in Him, but the price for letting people know is just too high. Their opinions matter more to you than His approval. So you tell yourself that faith is a private matter. No one’s business. Jesus doesn’t agree. He said if we confess Him before men, He will confess us before His Father (Luke 12:8). Confessing does not mean words alone, but a lifestyle of discipleship. Influence under wraps is worthless.

Final Thought:

Are you hiding your influence under wraps?


Jesus, I’m like Elias many times. I don’t let everyone know that I belong to you. I may confess you with my mouth when it’s safe, but my lifestyle confesses something else. Please forgive me and help me influence my world for you. Amen.