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InFLUence | Salt of the Earth

InFLUence | Salt of the Earth

You are the salt of the earth. But what good is salt if it has lost its flavor?”  Matthew 5:13

“This chili is awful!” Brad said. “Did you forget to season it?” Mike frowned. “No, same as always. My firehouse chili is world famous.” Brad shoved his chair back and rummaged through the cabinet. “Is this the salt you used?” he asked, holding up a container. When Mike nodded, Brad jabbed a finger into the container and touched his tongue with it. “Ugh! Bland. Look, it’s all clumped. This stuff must be ten years old.” He tossed the salt container into the trashcan and picked up his bowl. Dumping the contents back into the kettle he said, “Turn the stove back on. I’m going out for more salt.”

When Jesus compared His followers to salt, He knew we would understand the metaphor. Anyone who has tasted an unsalted meal knows the difference salt makes. Salt not only brings out the best in food, it also preserves food and can disinfect wounds. But when salt has had a long exposure to air and moisture, it loses its effectiveness. It is then good for nothing. Likewise, when we expose ourselves continually to worldly opinions, philosophies, and attitudes we lose our effectiveness for Christ. We no longer bring out the best in the world around us when we have become just like it. We cannot preserve truth, neither can we heal spiritual wounds, when we’ve lost our flavor. Worldly salt is good for nothing in God’s kingdom.

Final Thought: 

Are you living as the salt of the earth? What is causing your influence to lose its flavor?


Father, is my life demonstrating that I am the salt of the earth? Am I bringing out the best in my world, preserving your truth, and helping heal spiritual wounds? Or have I lost my flavor. Help me regain it. In Jesus’ name, Amen.