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Last Words | Forgive Them | Overlook Offenses

Last Words | Forgive Them | Overlook Offenses

Cedar Point

it is to one’s glory to overlook an offense. Proverbs 19:10

“Welcome to the games!” a voice boomed throughout the stadium. “In one corner you see our reigning champions, the Rights-fighters. In the opposite corner, we have a new contender, the Overlookers. You all know the rules. They must each respond to an offense according to the weapons they brought with them. May the strongest team win!” The crowd roared as the two teams faced off. The undisputed champions always won by defending themselves and retaliating. For every wrong, they reacted, got even, or otherwise punished their offenders. But today, a new team challenged them with completely different tactics. They smiled, forgave, and overlooked every offense. The big wrongs were brought to justice, but the team never did the punishing. By competition’s end, the Rights-fighters looked like another sure win, except for one factor: Today’s judge was God.

God’s kingdom operates by a completely different set of standards than our earthly kingdom does. When we become citizens of that kingdom through faith in Jesus, we must learn to play by His rules. Earth’s rules dictate that we punish every rights’ violation. But in God’s kingdom, offenses are to be overlooked. God expects governments to punish offenders and reward the good; individuals are to practice patience and forgiveness when wronged. Good boundaries help keep us safe from repeat offenders, but we can forgive even those we can’t be around. God wants to transform us from rights-fighters to overlookers.

Final Thought:  Which team are you on? Let God defend your rights while you learn to overlook offenses.
Prayer: Father, it is so tempting to fight for my rights when someone wrongs me. You don’t expect me to be a doormat, but you also want me to let things roll off when they don’t have to be a big deal. Help me change teams. In Jesus’ name, Amen.