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Last Words | Forgive Them | Remove the Chains

Last Words | Forgive Them | Remove the Chains

Cedar Point

We do this by keeping our eyes on Jesus, the champion who initiates and perfects our faith.  Hebrews 12:2

We’re deeply hurt. Someone wronged us. We have good reason to feel the way we feel and we also have a list of good reasons why we should not forgive the offender. Maybe you are clinging to some of them: *It’s just too hard. *They’re not even sorry. *It will let them get away with what they did. *It’s not fair that they be forgiven. *I have a right to be angry. We’ve all thought those things at times. Forgiveness feels opposite of what we should do. Revenge? Telling everyone else? Now that’s more like it. But what if we’ve misunderstood forgiveness? Let’s take a look at what Jesus really meant by it.

Forgiveness is the act of releasing myself from the control of another. When someone wrongs us and we emotionally grab hold of the offense, we’re allowing someone without our best interest in mind to bind us with a heavy chain. We clank when we move. Life is lived under the weight of those chains. We don’t have the power to release ourselves, because the list above has convinced us that it’s impossible. But forgiveness IS possible when we keep in mind all we’ve been forgiven. Because God released the debt we owe Him, we can release the debt others owe us. Forgiveness is a bolt cutter that Jesus hands us. When we cut those chains by forgiving our offenders, God can then move into the situation and work it out for our good.

Final Thought:  Do chains clank when you move? Fix your eyes on Jesus and use the bolt cutters.

Prayer: Father, I’ve been bound by chains of unforgiveness for so long it feels normal to me. But your word says you want me to live in freedom, paying forward the forgiveness you gave me. So I now forgive ________ because of Jesus. Amen.