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Last Words | Forgive Them | Scars

Last Words | Forgive Them | Scars

Cedar Point

He said to Thomas, “Put your finger here and look at my hands! Put your hand into my side.”  John 20:27

It was over. That horrible day of torture and death was behind Him. He had risen from the grave and now inhabited a glorified body, one that could walk through walls and magically appear wherever He wanted to be. This was the body He would keep forever, but there was something wrong. This new-and-improved body had scars, eternal reminders of the horror He had experienced. Shouldn’t God have included perfect healing in this new body, shouldn’t Jesus get to live forever without scars?

Shouldn’t we? Unless you live in a plastic, climate-controlled bubble, you will experience wounding that leaves a scar. Unforgiveness keeps our wounds from healing because it picks at the scabs over and over again. The scars may remain, but God wants to change their meaning— just as He did with those on Jesus’ hands and side. Before His resurrection, those scars were reminders of defeat, death, and humiliation. But afterward, they were badges of honor. He had won! He had conquered sin, death, and Satan. Every time we see His scars, we will rejoice with Him. Our scars can change meaning too when we let God define them.They can be honored reminders of how the power of Jesus changed our lives.

Final Thought:  Forgiveness allows Jesus to give new meaning to your scars.
Prayer: Father, I have defined my scars the way bitterness told me to. I’m ready to let you change their meaning. I embrace forgiveness and refuse to be conquered by past wrongs. May my scars be reminders of how you’ve changed me. Amen.