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Last Words | With Me | Got Your Back

Last Words | With Me | Got Your Back

Though one may be overpowered, two can prevail. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken. Ecclesiastes 4:12

The bully’s red face glowered inches above Timmy’s. “Get up, Retard!” he bellowed. Bully-sweat dripped into Timmy’s eye as he blinked up at his tormentor, confused. Why didn’t bullies like people with Downs’ Syndrome? He liked them. He liked everybody. Timmy squeezed his eyes shut before another blow could land on his lip, but it never came. Instead, a shadow fell across his face and the bully’s weight lifted from his stomach. Timmy opened one eye to see Jack, the football player, holding the bully by the neck. “You touch him again and you’ll answer to me!” Jack shouted. Another shadow joined Jack’s. “And me!” Rex added. The two toughest guys in school had the bully cornered. Timmy scrambled to his feet, smiling through his tears. “Thanks, guys! I love you!” he cried and threw his arms around them both. He wasn’t scared anymore, he had friends.

We’ve all seen bullying, maybe you were even part of it. Unfortunately, bullying doesn’t end with high school graduation. This world is under the influence of the biggest bully of all time, Satan. He taunts servants of Christ, he picks on the weak and the unprepared, and his specialty is those who’ve isolated themselves. That’s why God put His kids in a family, the church. We know what it’s like to get beat up and we can rush to defend our brothers and sisters under attack. “You touch him again and you’ll answer to me!” “And me!” “And me!” Satanic bullying loses its power when God’s people stand together and resist him.

Final Thought:  When the Bully comes for you, who’s got your back?

Prayer: Father, have I cultivated the kind of support this verse talks about? I want to defend the weak, but also have my Christian family fight for me when I’m the target. Help me evaluate whether or not I’m ready for the enemy. Amen.