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Last Words | With Me | Light Your Path

Last Words | With Me | Light Your Path

Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.  Psalm 119:105

“You’re awesome, Girl!” “You’ve got what it takes!” “If no one has told you that you are beautiful, this anonymous computer-generated meme should do the trick!” Our culture abounds in peppy slogans designed to pump up our egos. But our culture also abounds in depressions and suicides so, apparently, cheery-meme therapy is not working. We’ve bought into the idea that empty platitudes tossed about at random are the cure for discouragement. They’re not, because they have no substance. Does it mean anything if a blind man says you’re attractive? What does it mean for a stranger to tell you to cheer up? In order to offer real encouragement, we must offer real hope. Real truth. A way out of the darkness. And the best source for that is the Bible.

But here we encounter a problem. In an age when Bibles and Christian info are everywhere, biblical illiteracy is climbing at an alarming rate. Even among professing Christians, Bible knowledge is plummeting because instead of intentional Bible study, we substitute tweet-sized verselets designed for a quick pick-me-up. It’s like depending on Red Bull for energy instead of eating real food. It won’t sustain you for long. Before we can encourage someone else with God’s word, we must know what it actually says. We need to know the context, the original audience, and the deeper meaning behind the words. God’s word is a lamp to our path when we use it as our only source of light. We offer real hope when we help others light their lives by it.  

Final Thought:  Do you know your Bible well enough to help others light their lives by its truth?

Prayer: Father, I have no excuse. I’ve taken your word for granted, assuming I know what’s in it because I’ve dabbled at it a few times. Help me discipline myself to learn your word so I can use it to light this dark world. In Jesus’ name, Amen.