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Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day

I am not enough. (Genesis 3)


Eve laughed aloud because she liked the sound of it when it bounced off the cool blue water and echoed from the distant hills. She smiled at her reflection and marveled again at the goodness of her Creator. How magnificent He was to make her so much like Him! Another face appeared in the pool beside her and she felt an instant chill. This smile did not warm her as the Creator’s did. The serpentine face pressed against her hair and whispered, “You don’t quite have what it takes, my dear. God is holding out on you. You could be better than you are: prettier, smarter, wiser. Stick with me. I have what you need.” He set her up, knowing that if she listened, sin would rob her of the joy and purpose for which she was created.


Our first mother set the pace for us. Since the day she listened to the serpent, we’ve been falling for the same line. Our joy at all God has given us can plummet into despair with one hiss. We start to feel good about our lives, but then from the depths of hell comes a growl: “We’ll see about that.” Evil flips on a TV commercial that convinces us we’re stupid, ugly, poor, boring, or have bad breath. He directs us to Polly Perfect’s Facebook post showing off her kindergartner’s acceptance letter from Harvard or a tweet from a semi-friend bragging about his new yacht. Then our enemy offers his commentary: “You don’t have what it takes. God is holding out on you. Stick with me. I have what you need.” He sets us up, knowing that sin will rob us of joy and purpose. He blinds us to the truth that with Jesus as Lord of our lives, we are already more than enough (Romans 8:37).


Final Thought:

Who told you that you are not enough? That voice you hear in the back of your heart is not God’s.



Lord, I’ve struggled with a sense of failure for a long time. It’s hard for me to believe that I am enough, even for you. You know my hurts and why I feel that way, but I ask you to help me live up to who you say I am. In Jesus’ name, Amen.