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Love Again | If Only I’d Known | Love Defined

Love Again | If Only I’d Known | Love Defined

We know what love is…Jesus gave his life for us. This is why we must give our lives for each other. 1 John 3:16


From chick flicks to country songs to soap operas, love is a popular topic. But the word “love” has been hijacked by a culture without Christ and redefined to mean tolerance, acceptance, and total affirmation of whatever makes someone feel good. Feelings have become the new reality, so love must mean validating everyone’s feelings. If you feel male, you are male. If you feel gay, you are gay. If words hurt your feelings, you should make sure laws are passed so no one can hurt your feelings again. Then we slap the word LOVE on top of all that and think we know what it means. Total chaos results. So what is love?


Marriage is a series of pop quizzes in the LOVE class. Falling in love is easy, living in love is not. Some people leave a string of broken relationships behind as they pursue that rush of brain chemicals we call love, but compare that definition to the verse above. Since God IS love, His definition is the only one that counts. He defines love as giving oneself for the good of another. In marriage, that means continuing to act lovingly even when the feeling isn’t there. It means serving one another when you’d rather find someone else. It means we stop expecting another person meet all our emotional needs and choose instead to meet theirs. We know what love is because Jesus showed us. He gave up His life for our eternal good. We are to do likewise.


Final Thought:  Have you defined love the way God does?


Prayer: Father, my version of love looks pretty selfish compared to yours. Most of the time, I am looking out for my own good.

I want to learn to love like Jesus does. Help me start in my own home, with my own family. In Jesus’ name, Amen.