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Love Again | If Only I’d Known | Love Your Wife

Love Again | If Only I’d Known | Love Your Wife

…each man must love his wife as he loves himself…  Ephesians 5:33


Ted studied his reflection in the bathroom mirror and a slow smile spread across his unshaven face. He posed like Atlas and flexed his flabby biceps. Still got it, he thought. Fifty never looked so good. He turned sideways, but quickly looked away from the protruding belly that reflected his twenty-year love affair with food. He smoothed his balding head and frowned briefly at the sight of pasty white skin, dotted with moles and age spots. Never mind, he told himself. Shirt covers it up. He whipped off the towel and imagined himself as a Chippendale’s dancer. “I’ve gotta say, Teddy Bear,” he murmured as he heard Kim’s footsteps outside the door. “That girl is one lucky woman. I hope she appreciates what she’s got!” His reflection winked back.


THAT is what this verse is talking about. As a general rule, men don’t have as big a problem overlooking their personal flaws as women do. Men usually have a pretty high opinion of their physical appearance, while women often struggle to see themselves the way others see them. That’s one reason God targeted men specifically with this instruction: Love your wife the way you love yourself. If you can easily overlook your beer belly, sagging biceps, and other physical imperfections, then apply that same standard to your wife. Look at her the way you look at yourself in the mirror. She’s part of you, so love her that way.


Final Thought:  Husbands, are you loving your wives the way you love your own bodies?

Prayer: Father, it’s a lot easier for me to ignore my own imperfections than it is to overlook those of my spouse. I know how to love myself. I’m always looking out for my own needs. Help me apply that same standard to my spouse. In Jesus name, Amen.