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Love Letters | Boundaries | If You Say So

Love Letters | Boundaries | If You Say So


Master,” Simon replied, “we worked hard all last night and didn’t catch a thing. But, if you say so…”  Luke 5:5

“So, Mr. Edison, if I touch this glass bulb with electrical power, light will appear inside? Sounds sketchy, but if you say so…”

“Mr. Bell said that if we speak into this black box, someone a mile away can hear us. I dunno, but if he says so…”

“If you say so” usually means that we must suspend our own version of reality and embrace someone else’s.

But that person must be credible. People believed Thomas Edison and Alexander Bell because they were credible. When Simon spoke those words to Jesus, he suspended his version of reality because Jesus had proven to be credible. Credibility must motivate us too, otherwise we’ll be victims of every internet prince who wants to wire a million dollars to our bank accounts. God’s commands require us to suspend our version of reality, just because He says so. He says that we, His adopted sons and daughters, are righteous, loved, and pleasing to Him. But we glance at the tattered remnants of our day and shake our heads. “Looks like a mess to me, Lord, but if you say so…” His commands require that we suspend our own understanding in favor of His. Our flesh cries out to rule, but His word says, “No.” So we respond, “I don’t understand it all, Lord, but if you say so…”

Final Thought: We won’t understand, or even like, some of what God says. But saving faith is built upon “If you say so.”

Prayer: Lord, I argue with you a lot, and don’t like or understand some of what I read in your word. I haven’t been willing to suspend my version of reality in favor of yours, but I’m ready to change that because you say so. In Jesus’ name, Amen.