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Boundaries | Obedience

Boundaries | Obedience


Don’t just listen to God’s word. You must do what it says. Otherwise, you are only fooling yourselves. James 1:22

Lisa finished her third beer and announced to her friends, “Can’t get drunk this week, girls. I’m going to that church conference tomorrow.” Vicky high-fived her. “Gold star for you. Well, me and my boyfriend are trying to memorize a Psalm. We lay in bed at night and quiz each other.” Laughter rippled around the table. Amy pouted, “Why do you get the good ones? My last guy didn’t believe I was a Christian just because I wanted sex. I told him I was baptized.” Jo teased. “You girls are SO holy. Glad you’re not like those super-Christianized people who can’t have fun. Religion’s okay as long as you don’t let it hinder your life.”

Unfortunately, most people who consider themselves Christian don’t let it “hinder their lives” either.

Recent polls indicate that nearly 80% of Americans call themselves “Christians,” which only shows us that the word has lost all meaning.

Because Americans are not persecuted for claiming faith in Christ, it’s easy to jump on the bandwagon. Most American “Christians” see Jesus as a Get-Out-Of-Hell-Free card they can stick in their wallets and whip out on judgment day—if there is one. If they were ever dunked, sprinkled, confirmed, prayed for, prophesied over, joined a church, or had some out-of-body experience, they’re in! Obedience to God is for the super-Christianized, and they didn’t choose to go that route. But the question is: Where do we get that idea? Certainly not from Jesus. Not from the Bible. Knowing what God says does us no good unless we DO what God says. It matters not whether we consider ourselves Christian; it only matters whether Jesus considers us Christian.

Final Thought: Hearing truth on Sunday is of no value whatsoever if we don’t live it on Monday.

Prayer: Lord God, I need to be certain about this. I consider myself Christian, but do YOU see me that way? Have I fully surrendered myself to your will and your plan for my life? Do I obey you like a real Christian would? Help me know. Amen.