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March Madness | The Madness of Chaos | Relationship with God

March Madness | The Madness of Chaos | Relationship with God

Cedar Point

For the kingdom of God is not… eating and drinking, but of righteousness, peace, and joy…  Romans 15:13

Religious chaos causes as many problems as secular chaos does. Jenna was told by a church official that she would go to hell for wearing makeup. Lissa refused to darken another church doorway after she was turned away for being a single mom with three kids. Ben had a similar experience. “I was part of a religion that made us wear certain underwear and avoid soda and sugar or we’d be outcasts.” Religion is as old as humanity and has angered God since its invention. Religion is man’s attempt to reach God; Christianity is God’s attempt to reach man. Harmony with God is not about rules; it’s about relationship.

God gave us many commands for our good. Those rules help us realize that no one can be good enough to reach Him through our own efforts. Instead, Jesus came in the flesh, followed all those commands, and then offered to take the punishment for our failures. When we surrender our lives to His lordship, His commands become our delight! They are no longer a list of rules we can’t keep but a Christmas list of gifts we can give to Him. As long as we’re pursuing Jesus, He gives us a desire for holy living. If we start making up our own rules, He gently points us back to the cross. Without our eyes glued to His, we become either rebellious or religious. Both create spiritual chaos, but following Him leads us to joy, grace, and peace.

Final Thought: Real grace says: Jesus did it all. Follow Him closely. Fake grace says: Since He did it all, follow yourself.

Prayer: Jesus, am I relying on real grace or a fake version of it to bring me into relationship with you? My good deeds aren’t enough to save me, only you can. Now, because of your great sacrifice, I give you my life, my choices, and my future. Amen.