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March Madness | The Madness of Failure | He Knows

March Madness | The Madness of Failure | He Knows

Jesus replied, “This very night before the rooster crows twice, you will deny Me three times.”  Mark 14:30

Passions ran high and tension was a heavy fog. Jesus was saying some crazy things. He was talking about dying and how they’d all abandon Him. It made Peter mad. How could the Lord think that about him? Hadn’t Jesus seen how loyal Peter was? He’d prove it. He’d fight til the death before he’d let some Roman soldier kill his Master. The others might turn tail and run, but not him. He’d see this through until Jesus set up His kingdom right here in Jerusalem. But as he hotly declared his intentions, Jesus turned and looked at him with those eyes, those piercing eyes that saw right through you. “Even you, Peter,” He said.

How could a man who had walked with Jesus for three years, watched Him heal lepers, cast out demons, and predict the future, deny he even knew the Lord? Only hours before his denial, Peter had been totally convinced that he was rock solid. Nothing could dissuade him from his belief and loyalty to the Son of God. Then things got terrifying. All it took to turn Peter from courage to coward was a little girl’s question. How could he deny Jesus? How can we? We may be filled with conviction and power during our favorite worship song, but then lust calls. Greed suggests an underhanded way to get ahead. Hatred fills our hearts or lies fill our mouths and we deny the Lord through our choices. Jesus already knew Peter would deny Him, and He already knows we will too. Yet, He looks right through us with eyes that see it all and offers us another chance.

Final Thought:  God already knew you were going to fail Him when you did; yet, He offers another chance to get it right.
Prayer: Father, I have denied you worse than Peter did by my actions and words. I confess it all now and ask for your forgiveness and restoration. I can’t trust myself anymore, but I can trust you to build character in me. Thank you. Amen.